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Why Flutter is the next big thing in mobile app development

Flutter is a new cross-platform mobile SDK (software development kit) by Google, which is creating quite a buzz in the cross-platform mobile app development space. Flutter helps in building appealing and intuitive apps for Android and iOS that provide high performance and great usability. These apps are built from a single codebase (Dart). It is an open source SDK and includes a modern react style-framework, readymade widgets, and development tools.


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How Flutter is one of the best cross-platform development platforms?

Mobile app developers should make the best use of this SDK to create versatile apps. Flutter has many advantages like speedy app development process, cost-effective, in-built tools that provide spectacular visuals. It also works great with already existing codes.

Quick app development process with multiple options

It is the best way to develop applications in the quickest manner as there are in-built tools that work across all platforms in a personalized way. It also gives you the power of making decisions from multiple options. Mobile app developers can make easier decisions regarding gesturing, animating, widgets, etc. You can also easily change and replace any aspect of the language as the platform is built on thin layer of C/C++. The app developers will have full power and control while building mobile apps.

Efficient use of the language - Dart

Flutter uses the language known as Dart, which makes app building faster and easier. The learning curve of this language is quite simple and developers do not have to go with a layout like JSX or HTML. As Dart can be compiled Ahead of Time (AOT) and Just in Time (JIT), it leads to a faster development of mobile apps. The command “Flutter Doctor” makes it easier to identify bugs and glitches in the apps. Dart makes Flutter personalized, fast and powerful.

Versatile and appealing User Interface (UI)

Flutter focuses more on the UI and provides beautiful interface development by decreasing the amount of coding needed for the app interface. It also provides with multiple options for navigation patterns, scrolling, fonts, etc. The elegant UI offered by Flutter helps design the modern layouts and widgets. The available designs in the platform make app building process fun, quick and versatile.

Reduction in time consumed for testing and QA (quality assurance)

Due to its single codebase, the time taken for application testing and quality assurance is reduced significantly as there is no need to spend extra time and effort to test separate codes on different platforms. The widget testing feature helps to run UI tester quickly. For running tests, Flutter has an individual package called as the Flutter Driver.

Flutter apps feel and appear different in comparison to other mobile apps. As a new player in the market, it offers multiple unique features when it comes to scrolling patterns, sliders, loading times, spinners, dialogue boxes, etc. Flutter apps have a built-in UI for “Material design” on Android and “Cupertino” for iOS and is therefore the best investment for both the platforms. It helps you to develop high-performing mobile applications easily and effectively. Therefore, it surely is the next big thing amongst app developers and technophiles.

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