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What drives a successful digital transformation strategy

The market today is constantly growing and changing as more and more companies are getting digitized.

John F. Kennedy once said, “Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past and present are certain to miss the future.”

This quote applies to the need for companies to embrace change and adapt themselves in the digital transformation path to survive in the long-run. Implementing the right digital transformation strategies helps companies become lean, agile, responsive and customer-centric. By leveraging digital technologies such as analytics, mobility, social media, IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), etc. organizations have significantly improved their performance and customer reach.

Key factors that drive digital transformation


Agility is one of the key factors that drive digital transformation. Being agile helps organizations to transform and open the door for new digital opportunities. Implementing agile methods to manage network and service infrastructures leads to better customer responsiveness and quick time-to-market for services.


Data analytics are important for driving digital transformation. Real-time data plays a significant role in determining the future of the company, recognizing consumer behaviour, offering exceptional services and staying ahead of the competition.

Customer-oriented approach

Access to customer data through analytics helps to understand consumer behaviour. This helps to meet the demand and requirements of the consumers. Satisfied customers reflect the success of your digital transformation journey.

Steps to successful digital transformation

The steps to implement digital transformation strategy varies from company to company. At PASInfotech, we create transformation frameworks based on the needs and objectives of the business. We customize digital innovation strategies if required by your business. Here we will discuss the basic steps that we follow in a digital transformation journey.

Digital transformation begins with re-organizing the entire business processes. At the initial stages, we help you analyse the markets and internal company processes that have a scope for optimization. This will involve taking calculated risks. The entire business processes and operations will be restructured as per the strategy to digitally transform the organization.

In the next step, we find out the recent tools, processes, and technologies that will be implemented to replace the existing solutions. We focus on finding the right technologies that fit your business objectives and apply them effectively.

The third stage is the most crucial part of the digital transformation journey. It involves transforming the traditional culture of the business into a digital culture. This involves transforming attitudes and ways of working of people. We help companies and their employees to adapt to these changes in the transformation journey.

Finally, we execute the plan. We start with implementing the plan in phases to mitigate the risk over a period of time. This also gives time to employees to adapt to the changes gradually in an effective manner. We also set up certain KPIs (key performance indicators) to measure the productivity and guide decision-making in the future.
Digital Transformation is a dynamic concept. It is a process of constant upgrades, continuous innovations and improvement at regular intervals.Embracing new tools and technologies will open up multiple avenues of growth, improvements, and innovation for businesses. It will offer omnichannel experience, 360-degree personalized user experience, and connected digital platforms and services. If you need an effective digital transformation solution, then feel free to contact us.


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