The State of Low Code Development platforms

Low code development platforms are gaining a lot of attention nowadays as it acts as a key strategy to accelerate app development and delivery to support digital transformation in business. Low code is a visual and declarative development approach that empowers developers to create web and mobile applications through drag and drop components and model driven logic through a graphical user interface. Businesses can now quickly deliver new apps and functionalities to keep up with their markets.

Why organizations should welcome low code development platforms

Low code development platforms reduce the amount of time taken to build and deploy powerful enterprise apps using cutting-edge technology. The following are the characteristics of Low code development platforms: -The following are the characteristics of Low code development platforms: –

Visual models

Application development becomes faster with visual methods and models as compared to traditional displays as visual representation of processes is easier to understand. It enables app developers to grasp the development process easily.

Drag and drop interface

The drag and drop interface is an essential feature as it eliminates the task of typing long strands of code which is difficult and time-consuming. The drag and drop feature by low code enables developers to create applications visually and in faster time-to-launch.

Full integration

Development of applications should be such that it can be easily connected with other systems and services. Low-code development platforms offer full integration capabilities, including mapping from and to different data formats, transport protocols and more.  

Re usable

Major functionalities in low code development platforms are pre-built into modules that can be dragged and dropped wherever required. It is like an internal app store where assets, modules, and entire applications can be reused.

Cross platform functionality

With the extensive use of mobile devices, applications must have cross-platform functionality standard in their design. At the low-code platform market, vendors offer APIs (Application programming interface) for all core platform functionality, allowing a seamless fit within your IT landscape. 


Right low-code platforms provide proper security for the platform and the applications built on the platform for both cloud and on-premise deployment. It includes handling security threats and the provision of application security settings to define roles and access rights. Most platforms comply with key ISO standards. It also enables back-up and disaster recovery processes.

Benefits of low code development tools

Low code development platforms used by us

Zoho creator

It helps you create enterprise applications for business processes by writing a minimal code. With features like third-party integrations, multi-language support, offline mobile access, and integration with payment gateway, this platform helps to develop apps for ios, Android and Windows devices.

Microsoft PowerApps

It is a rich low code development tool that has a wide selection of UI objects and pre-built templates. It has features like cloud-based services integration, Workflow automation, app sharing, app running, etc that build apps that are compatible across ios, Android and Windows devices.

Salesforce lightning

It is a powerful low code development platform that allows developers to build apps with advanced security using custom as well as standard components. It offers features like embedding AI & IoT and integration with Salesforce & third-party data.

Google App Maker

It is a low code development tool by Google and has many functionalities like deployment logs, deployment settings, App preview, and data models. It has Intuitive UI builder with drag-and-drop widgets. 

Low code development platforms play a central role in app development process by reducing the time and money spent on traditional development processes and empowers enterprise employees to create apps irrespective of their technical background. If you are looking services with regards to low code development platforms, then please shoot us a mail at or call us at +91-44-4859 1763.

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