Testing as a Service

Testing as a Service (TaaS) is an outsourcing model where companies outsource testing services to a managed service provider that specializes in testing services as per the client’s requirements. TaaS is considered a suitable testing model by many organizations to achieve reduced costs and effective services for their IT test requirements.

PASInfotech offers end to end testing services at each stage of the software development lifecycle to ensure that your product is performing as designed.

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Benefits of TaaS (Testing as a Service)


The main advantage of implementing TaaS is reduced cost. There is no need to set up servers, connectors, operating systems separately. The entire infrastructure is hosted on cloud which reduces the capital and other costs.

Expert and experienced skill-set

Skilled QA and testing requires certain amount of experience and expertise. Building an in-house QA and testing team will incur huge expenses. Also, the in-house team might not be well-equipped with the latest technologies, best practices in QA and QA testing strategies as compared to a skilled QA and testing service provider.

Focus on core business

Outsourcing a major chunk of a major service to a 3rd party service provider makes it easier for the business to focus on core business activities and innovation that drives revenue to the business.

Reduces future risks

The managed service provider performs rigorous testing activities on products and applications till it functions perfectly. Thus, there are lesser chances of risk and frequent breakdowns in the future.

What do we offer

Functional testing

We offer complete package of functional testing services to ensure that your software works properly and is in compliance with all the functional requirements. The test team ensures that the product works according to the specific requirements of your business.

Performance testing

We offer performance testing that focuses on checking a software program’s speed, scalability and stability. The test team reveals performance glitches and ensures stable work of your product.

Compatibility testing

We offer compatibility testing to check whether the software is capable of running on different operating systems, applications, network environments and mobile devices. The team makes sure your product is responsive and gives a great user experience across various platforms.

Usability testing

We offer usability testing or user experience (UX) testing, which focuses on the user’s ease to use the application, flexibility in handling controls and the ability of the system to meet its objectives.

Security testing

We offer security testing to identify the threats and measure potential risks so the system does not stop functioning. The team detects all possible security risks and fix these problems through coding.