Web Analytics

Web Analytics is the measurement and analysis of data to measure the activity on a website. Businesses use web analytics to measure site performance and to find out key performance indicators that drive website traffic and help in conversion.
Interpreting analytical data provides you with a better understanding of your website and its visitors. It is crucial for developing and optimizing your online strategy.
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Why web analytics is important?

  • Provides insights and data that helps you understand your visitors well, which in turn helps in enhancing their user experience
  • Web analytics tool show you the most visited content and pages on your site and the behaviour of the user, which helps you analyse and optimise the content for better user engagement
  • Helps you track the effectiveness and success of your online marketing campaign and make improvements, if any
  • Helps in determining user demographics and interests which leads to creating targeted content and getting better visibility on search engines, which in turn improves the search page ranking of your website
  • Helps in designing and planning future digital marketing campaigns
  • It shows you all performance metrics like total revenue, conversion rates, top referral sources etc. in a single report
Web analytics services offered by us:
  • Website audit – We help carry out thorough website audit and review the current data analytical strategy. We also check its configuration and if there are any data tracking gaps. Based on the audit, we make further improvements in the website.
  • Execute analytics on to website – We conduct technical analysis of the website and implement analytics code. This helps companies measure, analyse and collect web data to understand and optimize their website.
  • Search engine marketing – We integrate specialized web analytics into search engine marketing such as email marketing, link building, SEO, PPC marketing, and social media marketing.
  • Google analytics services – We use Google Analytics to track and report web traffic, site performance and user behaviour.
  • Create custom dashboards – We use Google Analytics to create custom dashboards to monitor key metrics.
Google Analytics:
Google Analytics is the most widely used analytics platform that has the power to transform your digital marketing strategies. It is a cost-efficient and easy-to-use web analytics tool that tracks marketing performance of websites and apps through dashboards and reports.
Key features of Google Analytics: -
  • Available for free
  • User-friendly
  • Helps you track important metrics regarding user engagement – bounce rates, rate of returning customers, page per session etc.
  • Determines which pages and links your visitors click the most
  • Identifies location of your user which helps to create specific marketing campaigns for that area
  • Allow users to add real-time widgets and customize dashboards to get real-time data