With the ever-changing technology around us, more organizations are recognizing the business advantages of outsourcing services. Outsourcing major parts of your operations to development teams improves your operational activities.

However, in outsourcing, you can only pick specific services and ask an external company to help address specific business needs. This helps you maintain focus on other important business functions that drive revenue to the business.

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Once you outsource key functions, your business enjoys innumerable benefits such as

Benefits of outsourcing services

Focus on core activities

Expansion of business tends to consume human and financial resources at the expense of core activities that are the reason for the success of your business. Outsourcing major parts of your activities allows your in-house personnel to focus on the core activities.These core activities drive revenue without compromising on quality or service. An outsourcing company also brings better management skills than what would be available with your company.


Saving money and controlling expenses is one of the most compelling reasons to outsource IT services. It helps to control the fixed costs by converting them into variable ones and manages the capital outlay. This makes the business appealing to investors. Now the company has more capital to divert into areas that produce direct revenues.

Risk management

Every business carries risk. Outsourcing services transfers most of the risk to the company doing the work as it is their responsibility to manage security and compliance issues.

Better disaster recovery

Your outsourcing partners are better equipped to handle any cases of disaster or server crash. They provide scans and audits of your IT infrastructure to uncover potential vulnerabilities and security management. This helps in fixing any issues that may occur and provides better disaster recovery services.


Outsourcing services give your company more flexibility to choose who you want to work with on specific projects. If you are not pleased with the services offered, then you have the flexibility to end the contract and choose a different outsourcing partner.

Types of outsourcing models used by us

Fixed price model

Fixed price models for short term projects are developed with a fixed budget that is determined well in advance. We estimate the scope of the project and provide the project delivery schedule along with the fixed budget for complete product development. The project requirements and deadlines are clearly specified with sufficient details.

Time and material model

This model is used for long term projects with changing requirements. The total project cost is determined by the amount of time and resources spent on development. We offer our skilled resources for product development. The billing is done at the end of every month based on pre-negotiated rates.

Hybrid model

We believe in providing customized outsourcing solutions to our clients based on their business needs. Therefore, we even provide a hybrid model where the clients can choose from the above two models for each of the project components.