Native apps are the most popular, simpler and faster than other applications of its kind. These apps are created with codes specifically written for a particular device and its operating system.

These apps are installed through an application store (Google ’s Play Store or Apple ’s App Store) and can be launched without any external help. These apps store data right in the gadget’s memory or in the cloud. We at PASInfotech offer the best native app development services across both Android and iOS platform.

Native apps use a native programming language for development. The native app developers use the following to develop native apps:
  • SDK (Software Development Kit)
  • IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
Android and iOS are the two popular operating systems that are used extensively in the market.
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iOS app development

iOS app development – Apple, with its aesthetic line of products, has created a surge in iOS users. This increase in the use of iOS devices in the market has compelled businesses to develop iOS apps to meet customer expectations. Being one of the best iOS app development company, we develop secure and high performing iOS applications. Our iOS app developers are experts in using iOS technologies like Objective – C and Swift.

Swift – a robust programming language loved by developers as it gives importance to performance, safety and software patterns for mobile app design. It works conveniently with Apple’s Cocoa and Cocoa touch framework.

Android app development – Android by Google is the most widely accepted operating system in the market today. We are one of the best Android app development company and we make the best use of Android operating system to come up with creative and interactive apps for our clients. It enables you to develop apps and games for users with a vast market for distributing them instantly. Our app developers are proficient in programming languages like Java and Kotlin to build an android app.
Java – the most popular and user-friendly programming language that helps protect users from hostile programs. App developers use it to create reusable codes that simplify the app development process.
Why choose iOS app development
  • Enhanced security features that maintain data privacy, user identity and app data in the cloud
  • Easy to use interface
  • Platform to reach a larger audience
  • Ideal hardware, superior software functions, and a great customer support service give customers a better experience
  • Secure environment for online transactions as the transaction is completely encrypted
  • Empowering your business in the global market
Why choose Android app development
  • Open source mobile operating platform that allows developers to create innovative apps
  • Simplified app development process which easily solves customer problems and increases value for the business
  • Superior graphic design features
  • Easy to manage and access the user interface as it is highly customizable
  • Low investment costs as the software development kit (SDK) is available to developers for free
  • Huge market for selling and distributing
Why Native apps are the most convenient:
  • Faster operating speed and flawless performance as the app is built for a specific OS
  • Sophisticated UX/UI design and animation are a delight to the users
  • Easy to develop as there are existing software development kits (SDK) for each OS which provide half-ready but regularly updated solutions
  • The UI allows users with better navigation within the app
  • It can function offline
  • Easily adapted by new sophisticated features like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Internet of Things
  • Better security and reliability as approved by the specific app stores