Keyword Research – A necessity in digital marketing

Keywords are the lifeline of any digital marketing activity. The main idea of digital marketing is to grab the attention of target audience through specific keywords and terms. Identifying the right keywords will help businesses and digital marketers to get their brands placed at the right space and get positive results from their search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns. Stuffing the right keywords is the core activity of a successful digital marketing campaign. 

What are keywords?

Before we move on to why keyword research is important, let’s shed some light on what keywords are. Keywords describes the content of a web page. They form part of a web page’s metadata and help search engines match a page with the suitable search query. When people search for the keywords or phrases that are relevant to your business’ products or services, it helps you to come at the top of search engine result pages. 

Keyword research is the search for relevant keywords that many people are using during online searches and which are used by relatively smaller number of competitors. Your selection of keyword phrases should be targeted to the right kind of traffic that goes through your website as this traffic might convert into a customer in the future. Not using the right set of keywords will only attract traffic that will not serve your business bottom-line. Researching and identifying the right keywords will boost up your sales and will also lead to the success of your digital marketing plan. 


Keyword search tools help you determine what forms of keywords are relevant and refines your content by providing high-value keywords. It helps you determine the right long-tail keywords that are specific to what your website is offering and what people are searching for. Long-tail keywords help you rank higher in search engines and is good for search engine optimisation. Such keywords leverage significantly higher conversions than short-tail keywords and phrases.

Keyword research makes sure the right people are coming to your website. When the right audience comes to your website, they are genuinely looking for your services or products which in turn leads to conversion. Increase in conversion rates means more sales and a positive ROI (return on investment).

Identify profitable markets ​​

Keyword research not only tells you exactly what people are looking for online but also helps you assess the size and potential of the market for any product or service. The more keywords generated by a keyword research tool, the more chances you have of uncovering any niche opportunities.

Keywords offer additional help in digital marketing by giving an insight on the consumer behaviour and trends. While doing keyword research you get to see what your target audience is searching for and it’s easier to find out what type of content they like, what they’re likely to click on and what’s important to them. This information makes it a lot easier to stay ahead of consumer trends, and make sure you’re keeping relevant to that target audience

Therefore, we see that why keyword research is so essential in a strategic digital marketing plan. So, start implementing keywords in your website and you will reap the benefits like increase in quality and directed traffic, better search ranking, etc. If you are looking for the best digital marketing agency or company to boost your SEO and search rankings, get in touch with us or call us at +91-44-4859 1763. 

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