How Android Jetpack is transforming app development process

The Android Jetpack is a collection of Android software components like tools, libraries and a guide to simplify and accelerate the app development process. Through jetpack, Google came up with improved tools and upgraded support library keeping the app developers need in mind. The biggest advantage that it provides is to build high-quality and robust apps by abolishing boilerplate code and simplifying complex tasks. It has been built with much improved tools that helps you build new app features along with Kotlin as their coding language.

The Android Jetpack components


The foundation area comprises of core system components, Kotlin extensions, and Testing libraries. The foundation components are further sub-divided into: –

  • AppCompat – is used to degrade to older versions of Android
  • Android KTX – is used to write accurate and concise code using Kotlin language
  • Multidex – is used to provide support for multiple DEX files for apps
  • Test – constitutes of a testing framework for runtime UI and unit tests

UI (User Interface)

The UI libraries in jetpack are built on existing codes. Ease of use and simple navigation is the main feature of this component. They include animations, palettes, emojis, Android Auto, Fragments, Layouts Wear and TV. The EmojiCompat library gives you up to date emojis and the fonts needed to use them.


Behaviour components help in creating versatile apps that can be tested and maintained smoothly. It consists of libraries that help you interact with your user through the UI, including using video or audio. It consists of many components such as media, permissions, downloading, notifications, sharing and the new Slices library.


The architecture area comprises of eight different libraries and tools that help you architect your app and helps in building robust and maintainable apps. Theses architecture components are – Navigation, Paging, Work Manager, Data Binding, Live Data, View Model, Room, and Lifecycle.

Advantages of Android Jetpack

  • Boosts app development process
  • Google featured latest design techniques
  • Easy functionality of apps across all Android platforms
  • Better testability
  • Issue resolving integration
  • Independent functionality

How the jetpack is necessary for accelerating the app development process?

  • The Android jetpack components can be run across various platforms with complete backward compatibility as the components are independent of any app version.
  • The Jetpack helps to handle difficult tasks like background tasks, navigation, and lifecycle management to keep developers focused on the need of the application.
  • The Jetpack components reduce the possibility of crashes and lesser memory being leaked having backward compatibility by integrating modern design practices, which leads to development of high-quality apps.
  • The Jetpack supports Android studio integration, which helps to include new features to the app without changing the current functionality.

Therefore, we can see that Android Jetpack truly makes the life of developers easier as well as helps in building rich and intuitive apps by accelerating the app development process and eliminating the boilerplate code. We at PASInfotech have a team of expert Android app developers using latest technologies and tools offering cutting-edge solutions to our clients. Please feel free to get in touch with us for all your Android app development needs. We are available at and you can call us at +91-44-4859 1763.

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