Why digital marketing is a boon for B2B business?

B2B businesses are facing the ever-growing need of implementing marketing initiatives to survive in the competitive market. B2B marketing is complex as compared to B2C marketing. The biggest obstacle for a B2B organization is that the audience is restricted to a small pool of people. To identify and create targeted communication strategies for this niche […]

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Why Flutter is the next big thing in mobile app development

Flutter is a new cross-platform mobile SDK (software development kit) by Google, which is creating quite a buzz in the cross-platform mobile app development space. Flutter helps in building appealing and intuitive apps for Android and iOS that provide high performance and great usability. These apps are built from a single codebase (Dart). It is an open source SDK […]

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Why are mobile apps and mobile-friendly website a necessity for real-estate business

Gone are the days when you needed a newspaper listing and a pen and wander around the area for house hunting. With the advent of digitization, the real-estate business scenario has to change by leaps and bounds. Just like every other business, it has become mandatory for real-estate business to embrace the path of mobile apps and […]

Reasons why is Progressive Web App the future of Web Development

Progressive web apps – The future of web app development

Lately there has been quite a buzz doing around Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) as the future of mobile web app development. Progressive Web Apps extends the mobile first approach and have made a huge impact on user experience and engagement. PWA sare web applications with enhanced technological advancements to provide features like a native app.These apps were initially introduced by Google and were […]

How to run a successful e-commerce website

How to run a successful e-commerce website

Today, e-commerce is considered as one of the fastest growing and lucrative businesses. There are many entrepreneurs who are trying their luck and fortune in this industry. However, starting and running an e-commerce business is pure hard work and taking the right decisions at the right time. It is also extremely crucial to implement the right marketing […]

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What drives a successful digital transformation strategy

The market today is constantly growing and changing as more and more companies are getting digitized. John F. Kennedy once said, “Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past and present are certain to miss the future.” This quote applies to the need for companies to embrace change and […]

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What makes your website an ideal one

In the digital age where everyone is glued to the internet, it is imperative for a business to have a well-developed website. If you are planning to develop a website or have an existing site, it’s important to list out the characteristics that will help make your website an ideal one. A great website also helps you stay ahead […]